Ruth Nina Welsh is a freelance writer specialising in lifestyle, wellbeing and self-help. She is also a former counsellor & coach and an erstwhile musician. Her site Be Your Own Counsellor & Coach offers visitors help and inspiration to live a happier, more fulfilling and purposeful life.


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If you’re interested in Ruth’s music: please click below to listen to some full tracks from her debut album As I Breathe:

As I Breathe - Ruth Nina Welsh

Fall On Me (Track 1) – Ruth Nina Welsh

As I Breathe (Track 5) – Ruth Nina Welsh

In The Light Of Faith (Track 6) – Ruth Nina Welsh

Like I Do (Track 11) – Ruth Nina Welsh

Pale Moonlight (Track 13) – Ruth Nina Welsh

Ruth’s 14 track acoustic album, As I Breathe, has been described by music industry reviewers as “an extraordinary work of art, a gem, beautiful vocals, haunting, romantic, inspirational and a bare bones work of brilliance.” (Reviews)

CD available here. 

MP3s availableAmazon.co.uk; Amazon.com;  itunes-UK;  itunes-USA.

Music Video: listen and watch the title track